DUNNO ABOUT YOU GUYS BUT there are some interests in life that you would THINK go away as you age…. NOT ALICIA CARRICK. She’s loved The Beatles since she was a wee lass in the fields of Ireland. Just kidding. Belle River, Ontario, is more like it.

Tell us in the comments some of your musical obsessions!! If Alicia wants you to know anything about her, it’s that she loves music. Of. All. Kinds. (No… not JUST The Beatles like we’ve led you to believe).

OR do you know someone who is NON STOP about a band or artist and they just shove it down yer gullet? Well that’s Alicia. She’s annoying AF especially when it comes to the Beatles. Know someone who loves the Beatles and who would totally relate to this weirdo-Saturday afternoon pandemic bit? Oh pretty please, give it a lil share share CHER.

In all honesty though – The Beatles make enough money and we shouldn’t be plugging them – but then again, who gives a shit. They’re the BEST and ALICIA STANDS BY THAT. SORRY non-Beatles fan – if you don’t get the references, ie. you don’t know the songs (DAY TRIPPER & HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY) then it is time for you to travel to the 1960s and get a solid lesson in ROCK n ROLL. Hopefully this one minute bit inSpiRes yoUUuUUu!!

Wes is such a good sport and partner. Little did he know that two years into married-life, he would see Alicia truly become what she’s always wanted to become – the ultimate Beatles fan – and maybe, perhaps, one day.. she will develop her guitar playing skills to George Harrison Level. ONE CAN HOPE.

Song references include Day Tripper and Hide Your Love Away – CLASSICS, GUYS! CLASSICS. Fuck, we’re old. Anyone younger than 30 without a white dad who grew up in the 50s-60’s LOL YA MIGHT BE LOST. FAIR fair fair.

Thanks for watching some of this Beatles Big Chick Energy!! WE ARE:

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