The Hatch Episode 4: Sick Old Dog Years
April 23, 2021

Jo Anne hosts our 4th episode of The Hatch! An Improv Social Podcast and she asks  the Chicks  about their most notable dates……OoOo hot and juicy STUFF in this one! Who needs magazines – we’ve got the goss on some quality date moments. Jo Ann’s most notable? She followed the clues throughout the evening and came to the conclusion that this guy was WEALTHY. “Hey how much is your house worth?” Classic rich guy on a first date… 

Emily was a woman of few words on this one solely because you would be able to find a sketch of her most notable date → Link to Date Kate A sketch about a man who left skin in Emily’s car. 

Julia’s notable night featured a movie theatre, a Tommy-texter and a man who was having an awful day – likely due to not being able to find parking. Ahh.. Don’t you love when there’s a  movie during the movie? A little drama. A little spice. A little very scary man?

Sam’s most notable date included a man who was sending all the wrong signals – verbally – with his mouth. He spoke about his frayed relationship with his dad. No, no, no. Not on the first date! Sam was sweet, asked if he wanted to talk about it… She was surprised when he said, “no”. #byebyebye

And then there was Alicia “Too Nice” Carrick.. Sometimes she cares – too much. She reflects on an evening where the man she was going out with truly turned himself inside out – into a bowl in her hands – after his dance with Arabic food, absinthe – and an older couple. 

The land was laid out before us.It was fresh, fertile with offerings of vomit, movie theatres and first dates and an older couple… Did we know we were embarking on one of our most unsettling episodes yet? Maybe! Listen or watch Episode 4 of The Hatch and laugh along with us as we inevitably become overwhelmed in our strange, semi-creepy, improvised environment! 


  • 01:20 Jo Anne’s Gold Digger Date
  • 04:27 The Guy That Left Skin In Emily’s Car
  • 05:36 Julia’s Movie Non-Date With An Angry Phone Hater (and an Emily rant)
  • 11:11 Alicia’s Date With A Puking Coward
  • 18:13 Sam’s Date’s Dad
  • 22:21 An “Older” Couple’s House – Improv Time!
  • 42:01 Wrap Up!


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