The Hatch Episode 3: The Schecrets of Schweppes
April 16, 2021

The Chicks head down a forested, magical pathway into their childhoods in the second episode of The Hatch! An Improv Social Podcast. A question about our most embarrassing childhood moments brings up some sad-but-funny-upon-reflection memories. A shout out to Sam’s dream about ginger ale exploding in her backpack after her lovely Mum put it in this style of drinking bottle:

Julia used to also enjoy a ginger beverage in one of these juice containers. Only difference being Julia would purposefully shake it, position herself so that her face was directly above the top of the bottle, open her mouth and then flick the straw upward so she could enjoy the sensation of “absorbing carbonated liquid that was blowing into my mouth”. We all have our quirks, ya know?

Jo Ann. Age 13. Maybe 14. Maybe 15? Played whack-a-mole with the fountains at the splash pad. She decided to stand atop a dormant water-way and then – catastrophe. The water shot upward into her visage and directly into her eyeballs. Only to cause tears and pain and a bad memory… She wore goggles at the splash pad from then on, and still does. #eyeprotection #playingsafe

I myself, in an ungrateful rant, go on a different route and recall the days of grade school days when I would embarrassingly let sandwiches die inside my backpack until they were a blue or green near-sandlike texture. These sandwiches had one thing in common: they were made just before a good grocery shop – which meant minimal meat was on them and therefore, no sense in eating them?! Looking back, I know they were made with love and a perfect padding of butter #girllikesherbreadnbutter. Sorry to stink up the cubbies, grade school friends (but thank you for all your leftovers).

We are finally brought to a diving board in front of a pool of #CanadaDry ginger-ale and we jump in HARD 🏊🏼. The scene: Barb is leaving the C-Dry factory. Rog – the boss who makes everyone take scheduled pee breaks with him – just found out she wants to go…to SCHWEPPS. Oh no!! Oh yes?! WHAT’S THAT? He’s getting a NET? 🏸

See where this freakin’ weird improvised scene goes on the latest episode of The Hatch! An Improv Social Podcast!


  • 02:30 Sam’s Ginger Ale Explosion
  • 05:20 Sam Asks: What Was An Embarrassing Moment From Your Childhood? 
  • 06:35 Julia Shotguns Ginger Ale As A Youth
  • 09:40 Julia Pantes Herself In The Hallway
  • 11:18 The Larry Sandwich
  • 13:45 Jo Anne Stares Straight Into A Geyser
  • 16:35 Alicia Falls Into A Fountain In A Red Dress
  • 18:27 The Canada Dry Factory – Improv Time!
  • 35:26 Wrap Up!


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