The Hatch Episode 1: Sandbox Man
The Hatch Episode 1: Sandbox Man
April 2, 2021

It’s the first episode of Big Chick Energy Sketch Presents: The Hatch! An Improv Social Podcast!

In this very exciting premiere episode, we get to know The Chicks a little bit better when Julia asks us all to share stories about our favourite childhood toys. 

Sam’s fascination with motherhood led us down a winding path of an elaborate fantasy mom life she acted out at the ripe young age of 8. Or 9. One of those. Jo Anne shared her suspicions that her toys would move freely at night as she slept – so obviously she had to set a trap to find out if that was true! And this was pre- Toy Story by the way. 

Emily regaled the troupe with tales of her electronic “Dear Diary” (it’s basically just a calculator with a small amount of data storage) which mostly contained entries about boys she liked, and Julia shared a moving story about her grandma, who fought tooth and nail to keep the dessert bar at Pizza Hut – as well as a Tickle Me Elmo that Julia later ruthlessly threw away. But it’s ok, she found it again.

But the piece de resistance was Alicia’s caterpillar. And we’ll let you listen in to find out what that means – because – seriously. Her story is a mind exploder.

And of course we piled all of this madness into an improv scene at a playground, where the little neighbourhood kids fought amongst themselves, became possessed, and told legendary tales of… THE SANDBOX MAN.

Who is he? What does he do to the children? And the moms? And the juice boxes? Oh my goodness, you’ll have to listen to find out!

The best part? Sam finally lived out her childhood fantasy of being a mom in full on #momlife at the park, arranging playdates, sipping Starbucks, and taking care of “business” in full view of everyone around her. 

It gets weird.


  • 02:20 Venture Shark and Date Kate
  • 06:00 Julia’s question to the group
  • 06:36 Baby Born & Sam’s childhood make believe games
  • 11:15 Jo Anne The Toy Spy
  • 13:24 Emily’s Dear Diary
  • 14:57 Alicia’s Sexy Caterpillar Memories
  • 17:45 Julia’s Tickle Me Elmo Saga
  • 22:28 Back to the playground – Improv time!
  • 44:57 Wrap Up!


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